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Alejandro Arauz


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Queen's University

Alejandro Arauz is an interdisciplinary print-based artist exploring issues of identity, diaspora, and transplantation through the vernacular of print media, performance, and video. His grant funded research-based studio practice focuses on Latin American Diaspora within Canada and the USA. He explores the duality between migration and the studio methods/materials available to expand notions pertaining to inclusivity, sentimentality, and heterogeneity. From necessity, expanded interdisciplinary explorations like ‘mediated’ and ‘print performance’ emerged to develop new modes of thinking and meaning making. He presents shared and lived experiences as starting points for viewers to examine the relationship that their transformations and cultural practises relate to his. Alejandro has participated in various curated solo and group exhibitions throughout Ontario and the USA (Los Angeles, New Orleans, Minneapolis among other US cities). Alejandro has also curated several exhibitions - notably (co-curated) 'Hidden Current' at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre. Alejandro is an assistant professor and undergraduate chair in the Fine Art/Visual Art program at Queen's University. Alejandro earned his Honors BFA from the University of Windsor in Canada and an MFA degree from Louisiana State University.

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