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PROTOHYVE is a team of research-creationists in so called Canada dedicated to supporting research-creationists in all of your needs. Feel free to contact us with:

  • events/exhibitions for promotion;

  • institutional resources to share;

  • call for papers;

  • if you would like to be a collaborator on this project;

  • or general questions about our project goals. 

If you would like to share your art project or website on our community page please email us a photo, short description of the project (250 words), and a link to the project. 

Connect with us!

We will be in touch soon.

PROTOHYVE: Centre for Innovative Research-Creation in so called Canada 

Carleton University

1125 Colonel By Drive 

Unceded territories of the Algonquin nation

Ottawa, Ontario

K1S 5B6

protohyve (@)

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